I‘ve been drawing all my life and was first introduced to clay at the ripe young age of 4.  I love to work with shading and color contrast as well as texturing and patterns. The beauty of nature and the human face/figure have always captured my interest. My mediums and creations vary depending on my mood - some are realistic and some are stylized. I communicate best through my 3D pieces and paintings/illustrations.

In 2006, I opened my ceramic studio, Playin’ In the Mud, at my home in Washington Grove and returned to my art full time. My wheel thrown and hand-built pieces reflect my love of nature, birds and animals in a whimsical way. I’ve been fascinated with ceramic whistles and have been making ocarinas off and on since 2005 to add music to my menagerie. Most of my present work is done in mid-fire oxidation. I like having control of what I do, from mixing the glazes, experimenting with formulas, decorating & illustrating techniques and working with different clay bodies, to loading and firing. I learn something new every time.

I have returned to painting and drawing (canvas & other mediums) on a more regular basis and hope to keep building my 2D creations as well. I especially love drawing/painting the human figure as well as facial portraits.  I am not really a cartoonist, but enjoy doing caricatures as a type of expression.

I attended RISD and received a BA in Fine Arts from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College). I’ve been teaching art workshops and ceramic hand-building as an independent contractor for the past 30 years. I've worked with children, adults, autistic youth and senior centers. Everyone has an artist in them and a way to express themselves if given the opportunity!

I sell my work through ALOG (Art League of Germantown), local festivals, Something Earthy gallery and private commissions.